Roles of FACSMAB

FACSMAB holds monthly coordination meetings from January to December every year. The three countries will alternate to host and chair the meetings.

Activities of the committee are frequencies registration for stations along the designated areas, resolving reported interference cases, frequency planning for future services and harmonization of existing band plans. This is to ensure harmonized use of spectrum at border areas by efficient coordination of frequency spectrum among neighboring countries. All processes carried by this committee conform to the Constitution and Convention of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and its Radio Regulations.

FACSMAB Review Meeting is conducted twice yearly. The Review Meeting comprises of the Heads of the regulatory authority from the three countries and the Heads of the communications representatives from the Ministry of Defense of the three countries (for the armed forces).
The key functions of FACSMAB are as follows:

1. To coordinate radio frequency assignments within the region bounded by the three countries;

2. To resolve cross-border radio frequency interference;

3. To establish appropriate working arrangements, including setting up sub-committee and inviting industry participation; and

4. To escalate if necessary any unresolved matters to the Heads of the Regulatory Authorities for resolution.

FACSMAB is also involved in reaching agreements on sharing of certain blocks of frequency spectrum that have been designated to be allocated to certain services so that these services do not interfere into each other at the border areas and the spectrum is shared as much as possible among 3 border countries on equitable basis, in line with the Constitution and Convention of the ITU.

Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) resolution procedure was also established at FACSMAB to ensure expedient resolution of any harmful interference cases reported at the border areas. Moving forward, FACSMAB will engage other regional organizations to discuss frequency planning matters of mutual interest like the Asian Broadcasting Union (ABU), ATRC and APT and APG.


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