Frequency Assignment Committee, Singapore, Malaysia And Brunei Darussalam. The objective of the committee is to manage coordination of radio spectrum at the border areas of Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia and Singapore since 1948.


FACSMAB was established since 1948 to deal with the day-to-day civil & service frequency assignments in South East Asia, within the sphere of the British Governor General. The constitutions and memberships of FACSMAB underwent several changes with the withdrawal of the British Forces in 1959, the formation of Malaysia in 1963 and Singapore’s independence in 1965.

Despite the political changes and developments, it was considered desirable to maintain the existence of FACSMAB because coordination is essential for interference-free radio operations along the border areas.

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd meetings were held at the Cathay Building in Singapore back in 1948. Later, FACSMAB Meetings in the 1948, 1967 periods were held at the Fullerton Building in Singapore. Since then, the monthly FACSMAB meetings are held in Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia and Singapore on alternation basis including three meetings convened virtually through web-cast. Subsequently in the 17th FACSMAB Review Meeting, the meeting agreed to convene FACSMAB meetings with only physical meetings. The hosting of the meeting is maintained on a rotational basis between the three countries and will take place once in two months. Details of the meeting schedule can be found in the Events page.


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